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  Electronics and Electrical Industry
  We provide a series of products to the field of electronic and electrical products,including crystalline silicon powder,fused silicon powder,soft composite silicon powder,spherical silicon powder,and spherical alumina.At the same time,relying on our testing and application experimental center,we can provide customers with product improvement and combination usage plans according to personalized needs.
  >Epoxy molding material(EMC)
  Electronic devices in electronic and electrical products are usually packaged with epoxy molding compound(EMC),and filler components such as silicon powder can achieve high cost-effectiveness of epoxy molding compound.Crystalline silicon micro powder and molten silicon micro powder series product powder materials can be used as excellent fillers for conventional purposes.
  Spherical silicon powder is widely used in high-end semiconductor device packaging due to its high filling,high flow,low wear,and low stress characteristics.Especially spherical silicon micropowder with precise control of coarse particles,it can also be used for epoxy sealing materials in narrow gap packaging,as well as filling materials for liquid packaging resins such as underfiller and Globe top,as well as fillers for various resin substrates(Substrates).
  In addition,with the miniaturization and increasing integration of electronic products,thermal management of electronic products is becoming increasingly important.Spherical alumina can provide excellent thermal conductivity for fully encapsulated and high thermal conductivity epoxy molding materials.
  >Copper Clad Laminate(CCL)
  Copper clad laminate(CCL)is often used as the substrate for printed circuit boards in electronic and electrical products,and adding ultrafine silicon powder as fillers can improve the CTE,heat resistance,and reliability of CCL.
  Ultra fine crystalline silicon powder and soft composite silicon powder are universal fillers for copper clad laminates;Molten silica powder can be used as a filler for Low Dk copper clad plates;
  Spherical silicon powder can be used as a high filling filler to provide excellent performance for Low Dk copper clad plates,IC carrier plates,etc;Spherical alumina products can be used as ideal fillers for high thermal conductivity copper clad panels such as aluminum substrates.
  >Printed Circuit Board Ink
  Printed circuit board ink is a necessary protective material for circuit boards.Ultrafine crystalline silicon powder can provide ideal scratch resistance,low thermal expansion coefficient,chemical resistance,and long-term reliability for circuit boards.
  >Epoxy sealing material
  The capacitors,resistors,and other components in electronic and electrical products are packaged with epoxy encapsulation materials.Molten silica powder is a commonly used component in epoxy encapsulation materials.
  >Electronic potting adhesive
  Components such as power supplies in electronic and electrical products are often sealed with epoxy or silicone electronic potting adhesive.Crystalline silicon micropowder,molten silicon micropowder,and spherical silicon micropowder can be selected as filling materials for potting adhesives based on various considerations such as thermal expansion coefficient,thermal conductivity,viscosity,and cost.Spherical alumina is used for the sealing of power devices due to its high filling and cost-effective thermal conductivity.
  >Thermal interface material(TIM)
  The miniaturization of electronic products makes thermal management very necessary.Thermal interface material(TIM)can fill the air gap caused by the uneven contact surface of electronic product components,thus improving the heat dissipation capability.Thermal conductive gasket or thermal conductive silicone grease is a common Thermal interface material,while crystalline silicon powder.

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