Introduction to the application field of spherical alumina
Publication time:2023-07-15 popularity:68 category:Industry News

  Spherical alumina produced by high-temperature melt spraying method has high sphericityαDue to its high content of alumina,it exhibits superior performance as a filler for rubber,plastics,and ceramic raw materials.What are the application areas of spherical alumina with excellent performance?
  1.Thermal conductive composite materials
  Spherical alumina powder has small thickening range for polymer materials and good filling performance.It can not only be used to prepare new composite materials with high thermal conductivity(such as thermal conductive gaskets,thermal conductive silicone grease,thermal conductive potting adhesive,thermal conductive plastics,etc.),but also be used to manufacture artificial teeth and bones.
  2.Surface protective coating
  Spherical alumina powder particles sprayed on metals,plastics,etc.can greatly improve surface hardness,corrosion resistance,wear resistance,and fire resistance,and can be used for surface protection of machinery,cutting tools,and chemical pipelines.
  3.Optical materials
  Nano sized spherical alumina powder has strong absorption ability for ultraviolet light below 250nm.If several nano sized spherical alumina powder is doped into rare earth fluorescent powder,the blue shift phenomenon of nano ultraviolet absorption can be utilized to absorb harmful ultraviolet light,and the luminous efficiency of the fluorescent powder will not be reduced.Nano spherical alumina can be sintered into transparent ceramics as a material for high-pressure sodium lamp tubes,and can be compounded with rare earth fluorescent powder as a luminescent material for mouth light lamp tubes.This not only reduces costs but also prolongs the lifespan,making it the main fluorescent material for future manufacturing of LED light tubes.
  4.Semiconductor materials
  Nanoscale spherical alumina powder is extremely sensitive to humidity and has high application value in temperature sensors,which can be widely used as a substrate material for large-scale integrated circuits.
  5.Catalysts and their supports
  Spherical alumina powder has a large specific surface area,and the particle surface is extremely rich in mismatch and oxygen deficient bonds.When pressed into thin sheets,it will contain abundant pores with a porosity of 30-40%.It can be made into a porous film filter,and the performance of the catalyst and catalyst carrier made from this is several times better than that of similar products currently used.