Yanle New Materials Create a Future
Leading Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise in Functional Powder Materials Industry
A first-class R&D team with excellent R&D capabilities
Committed to providing high-quality powder materials and customized solutions
Product application scenarios
Used in fields such as new energy vehicles, chip packaging, electronic materials, communication base stations, etc
Core products
Yanle New Materials is a high-tech new enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales. Its main products include physical melting spherical powder, direct combustion and explosion spherical powder, and chemical synthesis spherical powder.
Company Vision
Becoming a functional powder spheroidization new material platform
Strive to Build a Professional Service Provider for Chinese Powder Materials
Company Values
Honesty and trustworthiness win with quality
Yanle New Materials is a company that specializes in production, research and development
And companies that sell spherical powders

Our main products include micron/nanoscale spherical silicon powder,
Electronic powder materials such as mesoporous hollow micron/submicron spherical silicon powder and micron/submicron level spherical alumina.
Company Vision: To become a functional powder spheroidization new material platform.

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